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Along These Lines

Quiet Down There and sound artist Anna Edmonds invite you to experience their heritage soundwalk project Along These Lines.

Along These Lines is an immersive soundwalk that explores Brighton’s laundry heritage. Laundry is a distinctly aural and sensory experience – we often hear people talk of the sounds, smells and feels that come with a trip to the laundrette, and many local people remember someone in their family working in laundry services.

We know laundries have been a site for organising, meeting, and connecting for over 200 years, often becoming hotbeds of activism for women’s suffrage and solidarity, but so far these incredible stories have not had the recognition they deserve.

In this session, listeners will visit a selection of locations in and around The Level, Roundhill and Elm Grove areas to hear stories of local laundry history and how important these working women were to Brighton.

Please bring your own mobile phone and headphones for personal listening, headphones and splitters will be available for anyone wishing to share their listening with a friend.

Tickets are free, please book here

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