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Clue Company – A Murder Mystery at the Manor

An original experience created by Pier Pressure, inspired by a beloved classic board game. The world’s greatest detective agency, Clue Company, are looking for new detectives! Applicants will need to prove they’ve got what it takes by cracking the case before the other teams of wannabe detectives.

A grisly murder has happened in a grand manor house; none other than Brighton’s own Preston Manor. Who committed this heinous crime? Where did they do the deed? Which nasty weapon did they use? These are the questions you and your team of intrepid detectives will need to answer. The suspects are lining up, and they’re a dodgy looking bunch, so you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Choose your own route around Preston Manor to seek out puzzles. Solve these and they will give you the clues you need to unravel the mystery. Once you have all the clues you need, your team can huddle and make your deduction.

Will it be the right one? Have you got what it takes to bring the murderer to justice? Play Clue Company at Preston Manor to find out.

Please be aware that more than one team can play this game at the same time but there are plenty of different rooms to explore so you can avoid each other if you so desire!

Tickets start from £26 per person. For more information about this event and to book tickets click here


• Free parking is available at Preston Manor.
• Preston Manor is accessible by wheelchair but two of the rooms used for the game are upstairs so are not accessible.

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