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Mapping Techno Sensitivities by Chantel Foo

Mapping Techno Sensitivities: Exploring Embodiment Metaphors as Organic Decaying Blob Forms explores the artists’ desires to erode the body-as-machine metaphor through dialogues filled with solidarity: dreaming, stumbling, failing, exploring together with a fellow disabled artist situated in a different geographic space, but with resonating concerns.

As disabled artists interfacing with the digital medium, they will be mapping out their technosensitivities: points of pleasure, pain, breaches and boundaries around technology. They explore embodiment metaphors that make more space for errors, breakdowns, sloppiness and erotic oozings through text, animation and music.

To enter and play Mapping Techno Sensitivities click here.

WARNING: There are references to sex in this artwork.

Chantel Foo is a Chinese Singaporean artist based in London. Chantel’s practice is anchored in performance, working with movement, writing, Real Game Play and livestreams. Her work and movement style exists at the sticky tension lines where a body’s histories and undoing gather, to come apart. Nodes of thought include: slippages, residual presences, selfhood and glitch spaces. They also founded and run a movement studio, Studio Lotusroot, which is a space for embodied encounters and somatic healing through movement.

Her work/selves have existed in spaces such as Serpentine Galleries (UK), Onassis Foundation (ATH), defunct offices, HEK Basel, Kult Cafe (SG), Stanley Arts (UK), various fashion campaigns, Somerset House London, Endlessreturn (SG), Palais de Tokyo (FRA). As a performer and movement director, Chantel has worked with artists such as Bones Tan Jones, Anne Imhof, Yeule and Lucinda Chua. They graduated from their BA in Fine Art and History of Art at Goldsmiths University, University of London with First Class Honours.

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