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Pop Up Arcade at Dreamy Place

Credit: Vasil Dzhagalov

Pop Up Arcade returns for 2023 (our first event since 2019!) Small, perfectly formed, and our first ever exhibition in Crawley to celebrate games and play as part of the Dreamy Place Festival.

The arcade is free, open to everyone, and you can pop in any time you like. Come and say hi!

Come along to one of our arcade days at The Ancient Priors to play fun multiplayer games, team up with your friends, experiment with some alternative controllers, and maybe discover a new game or two from the weirder side of independent developers’ brains.

Delight in striking visuals, colourful imagery, intuitive controls for a slice of Indie game fun.

Run by Jo Summers under the banner of ‘Press Fire to Win’, Pop Up Arcade has been running in various forms since 2014, as part of the Brighton Digital Festival, and alongside the Develop conference in Brighton. Jo also runs events around celebrating women’s work in games, and the Global Game Jam every year.

Expect fun, excitement, cooperation, betrayal, flashing lights, big buttons, beeps and boops, and the opportunity to discover some fun new games you might not have tried yet. We hope to see you there!

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