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SheSays Brighton + Refigure: Women in tech, digital and creative industries

Are you a woman working in digital, tech or creative industries? You might be a freelancer, business owner or entrepreneur, or just starting out. Do you want to make a difference in your world?

Come and join us for a whole day of training, connection and transformation for your work, business and life. Be inspired, make friends and learn something new. This day of training is for 100 digital women, so get your boss or business to pay for you!

Themes for the day include

• creating abundance
• clarity and purpose
• creativity and leadership
• confidence and imposter syndrome

You’ll leave feeling

• inspired
• courageous
• creative
• focused
• ready to take on a new challenge!

This event is mainly for women and anyone who identifies as a woman. Trans women are women. Non-binary, gender-queer people are very welcome at this event.

Tickets via link

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