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Martin Goya Business DJs from Shanghai – GUAN and LimboLimbs

Following sell-out performances across China, Martin Goya Business DJs GUAN and LimboLimbs come to Brighton’s iconic Fabrica venue to raise a storm of music and dance.

Both DJs are native to the underground club scenes of Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, creating vibrant scenes using techno, experimental sound and sampling, often working with sound and visuals to create visually rich sonic experiences.

GUAN (Guan Boyang) is an electronic music producer and digital media artist from Hangzhou. He is currently signed under the Modern Sky label and has established himself firmly in the Chinese music scene with his unique digital dystopian aesthetics. Graduating from the China Academy of Art, he has developed his own distinctive approach to sound and other mediums, critically examining the relationship between humans and technology in digital society.

GUAN’s work is characterised by its eccentricity and is known for its fusion and versatility in musical genres. Through his imaginative exploration of future mutant organisms, he has created a “high-tech naturalism” sound system, where radical sonic experiments shape bizarre and organic landscapes.

LimboLimbs is a music producer from Eating Music (Shanghai). She is a talented musician, mixing jazz elements with strange, sampled sounds to make her work. Her tastes vary between the cutting edge and sometimes stubbornly traditional, hovering between the old school and the new, while constantly exploring the space where her aesthetic ideas can be established.

LimboLimbs’ concept of music is personal but not selfish. She likes to bring fun and humour to people, and tell absurd stories through music, which is her spiritual sustenance.

As a DJ, she has been active in music festivals and underground clubs, specialising in a dramatic and aggressive style. She is also the organiser of a high-BPM club night called ‘Helplessly’ in Shanghai.

Tickets for this event also include entrance to the club night and dreamy dance party with Brighton’s own Tarik Elmoutawakil. A 5-hour combo event with artists and DJs from Brighton and Shanghai, bringing together a unique musical and visual feast, with sound, visuals and performance. All for only £5. Tickets can be booked here

Who is Still Dreaming? is part of the wider programme of Dreamy Place Launch Programme delivered by Lighthouse.

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