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Who is Still Dreaming?

‘Who is Still Dreaming,’ exists in a liminal space between raving and resting, where the dancefloor becomes a portal to the subconscious, soundtracked by a woozy fusion of psychedelic tech and affected EDM.

For one night only, Fabrica Gallery transforms into a fleeting dream, with beats that pulse and thrum like the heart of the night and melodies that meander like a wisp of dreamy fog, you’ll find yourself in a realm of pure ethereality. Shadows morph and dance with you, salt lamps cast an incandescent spell, and UV light reveals the secrets of this liminal space.

Who Is Still Dreaming? Is brought to you by local arts producer, creative community organiser and artist Tarik Elmoutawakil,  (Marlborough Productions/ Brownton Abbey/ Radical Rhizomes). Co-produced by installation artist Thomas Buckley.

Who is Still Dreaming? is part of the wider programme of Dreamy Place Launch Programme delivered by Lighthouse.

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